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Austin Poets - Lance Williams

Ric Williams, Austin 06

& the world
resonates with
her presence as if
he slipped into a new

skin; nerves like the sun
this light this sound
the way it all

& when trembling
he touches her
as if falling
in a river

of blue stone
veined in

how there opens
a place between where
he breathes & where he dreams
as if eternity wrapped cupped her soul

© 2006 r Lance W'ms April 30 becoming real


the lobster
holds its breath

the waves do not
care that shells empty

some boy rocks darkly
wrapped alone in a room

(it is not his room
not his shell)

green fronds lace
white sands

or what storms
break in coils

light indifferent
to the dead

a bridge

how we leap - exhaled -
gifted as any gesture released

© 2006 r Lance W'ms May 1 pinched red

ecstatic the roaring spray
the ocean pouring over
the swollen lips
of a beautiful
goddess: her
power surging
erupting breaking
the stone slabs of ancient locks
tossing them into the blue screamed air
an exuberant child beloved of rimless earth
this the energy of an embracive spirit opening the world
yes, yes! what embraces opens unfolds as it enfolds as it turns
to all that bears the light the shadow the flooding the graining blooms
if at once it falls away (how the years like a tsunami break)
there is no language no sign no symbol no
philosophical glyph save the face
the radiance of being immersed

in the essential play - play

of it all - you playing
with it all wave upon
wave upon wave

© 2006 r Lance W'ms May 1 in play: wave upon wave

any wisdom we found we stumbled over twice

first in the path then in the blood

electric river

the taste finally settling in the back of the throat

swallowed then burning up the tempered

longing to revisit

again the sharp gasp of recognition:

i want this: therefore i am here & there

© 2006 r Lance W'ms March 1 here & there: twice

& what she shares

the tender cup

white clay

(a future)

begins in mud

sea & gathered dust

her lips on the lip

her eyes like

sea glass

this cup



in Eden

how she slips

into the blue river

with her hands smoothing

its surface like

silken skin

she pushes it toward him

what tides pull her

his heart like

a sun her

heart his


this elbow





. . .

© 2006 r Lance W'ms April 20 the white cup with an S

& how slipping

but that is a metaphor

or a wave or pulse

or breaking


the way a knife

in water

or the first poem

i wrote that i


i often throw a rock

into the sky & spend

days looking for the hole

i made

how i see him

on that lawn 1968

that sublime blue


the endless

(o hope)

line of


how they see the stream

laid down in that sky

that sky that seems

to change

but only


© 2006 r Lance W'ms April 24 how i wanted her even then

.  "Austin Poets - Lance Williams ."  Extramares.  Ed.  Cecilia Bustamante.  Austin: Editorial Poetas Antiimperialistas de América.  10 de Junio de 2006.
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