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Phoenix New Life Poetry (David Alen Stringer)


Phoenix New Life Poetryis the voice ofPhoenix Poets, an international co-operative friendship network of artists and writers worldwide, rather than a commercial literary journal and is open to all contributors.

Co-founding poets: David Allen Stringer & Dr. Emmanuel Petrakis,Members of the “Planetary Council” of “TheUniversal Alliance” (“Phoenix New Life Poetry” is a project of “The Universal Alliance”)


“Culture” is, anthropologically and strictly speaking, a definition of the whole of the Way of Life of a Society, not only of a marginalized or sanitised and unchallenging corner called “The Arts”. Since my childhood, in the 1950’s, the “community integrity” of especially Western society, of the “extended family” and the creative, self-reliant village/neighbourhood has progressively disintegrated with our many competing and isolated egoisms. “The New Renaissance” is about much more than a literary-artistic movement but for the overall healing and reconstruction of our societies and their planetary environment.

Almost all the elements of this much needed socio-economic and cultural re-creation have emerged in the spiritual, new age, natural health, community-creation and green movements since the 1960’s & 70’s: however, poetry and the related Arts (such as Music), liberated by surrealism and rock-n’-roll, from traditional conventions in the 1950’s & 60’s, since those decades of early promise, appear to have been either neglected, ghettoised or to have become ‘stuck’ in the ‘ranting’ or cynical ‘negativity’ of knowing what one detests, but not knowing what one, more positively, values & aspires to.

In our magazine we will not react to this by seeking to ‘escape into a romantic faerie tale’, but will seek to strike a wholesome balance between ‘angry protest’ and the beauty-&-beatitude of our divine creation that many lose sight of amidst crises, poverty & suffering! Now, however, in this dawn of the promise of the New Millenium is re-emerging the inspiration for the New Renaissance movement in poetry, music and literature as currently manifest in The Partners Writing Group (based in Middlesex, England), together with our own, as above, with initial input from Shelley’s Hellas and Blake’s Albion. We, here, reach out, to the rest of the World, for your participation.

Visionary prose writings can be included, at our discretion, as extracts, in our “Reviews” section and we will, also, be able to use visionary paintings etcetera, as visual contributions to our pages via the Computer-scanner, with poetry as our priority. Thus, we welcome poems on such themes as:

Peace, Freedom, Social-&-Political Justice, Social Comment, Spiritual, Psychic & Religious Experiences, Communing With The Creator & Creation, Healing Prayers & Invocations, ‘New romantic’ Interpretations of Classical Myths & Legends (e.g. those of ‘Orpheus’ or the ‘Holy Grail’) or whatever be your own dream!

All styles are welcome. There are no set limits on the length of each poem. What matters is their motivating spirit!

Poets are invited to send in, with their work, a concise profile of themselves, their concerns or their autobiographies and, if they so wish, we can add their addresses to their work, as printed, should they seek to be contacted by sympathetic souls!

We are especially interested in News and Information about Community Projects that involve Education-for-Harmonious Living or shared Artistic Creativity. We, also, welcome free-exchanges of journals or of mutual publicity, by arrangement, with other ‘cultural periodicals’ such as feel that they share the essential spirit of our initiative. Choice poems in other languages (French or Greek) can be translated if we feel that they are of merit, otherwise poets in other languages (e.g. Russian) will, themselves, have to make their own translations of their work into English to their own satisfaction.

Postal Subscriptions Inc. p & p: U.K £14, Europe 25 Euros Beyond £20 ($30 U.S.) or equivalents. Cheques & Money Orders payable to “The Universal Alliance”, Postal Orders to David Allen Stringer.

For a single issue only, send us one quarter of the total annual subscription, as above indicated. Euro & US $ notes also accepted as payment.

Any profits made will go towards “The Universal Alliance”to help us with our communications and other support for our poorer brothers & sisters in Africa, Asia & elsewhere and other projects. Free copies can only be made available, otherwise, to those who undertake to copy the magazine to pass on to others, with the prior agreement of we, the editors. We wish to share our inspirations: but it must remain financially viable!

Contact address: (International) David Allen Stringer, Editor, “Phoenix New Life Poetry”

Sea-Dragon, 12 Place Rd. Fowey, Cornwall PL23 1DR U.K. Tel: (00 44) (0) 1726 833334

Email: universalalliance.org@tinyworld.co.uk Web: www.universalalliance.org.uk

Anyone who wishes to contribute to our magazine either in the form of news or poetry, should contactDavid Stringerat the above address, enclosing, with M.S.S., as appropriate, S.A.E./I.R.C.’s. Overseas authors included will receive a FREE copy of the issue in which they appear; but, we do not pay and do not run competitions as our purpose is not to satisfy the artistic egos of individuals, so much as to help draw together those with whom we can work creatively towards our common ideals.


“Our Phoenix still dares to resurrect, defy our current Times’ death and negativity!”

Welcome to Phoenix No20. The delay in its publication, as an approximately quarterly journal, has been caused by our being away for two weeks, in Universal Alliance business, in the Pelopponese in Greece (see my poems “Thalassa” and the cover picture from an artist friend in Athens. In our world’s cultural desert, we welcome the Spring rains. The seed of our creative life is just below the surface of the seemingly cold or dry barren earth of a desert or tundra and will spring forth anew given the needed rains and warmth of Spring, as in the rainbow beauty of ancient olive groves, to bear in its due season, flower, fruit and seed!

The difference between creativity and the seeming mental deadness of many is that between an aware and an unconscious state of being; what is there is always there so long as those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, as other senses (including the 6th & 7th senses of Intuition & Vision-dreaming) to perceive. Stimulating creativity is more a question of awakening Consciousness than teaching techniques. It is one thing to learn how to construct verse and another to feel inspired to flow with poetry, however rough-edged. The difference between the former and the latter is that between irrigating crops with piped water (as in the Greek Summer) and flooding the land with brimming natural rivers after rain!

Modern cultural deadness is comparable to a thin layer of tarmac & concrete of a city over the raw, natural Earth which prevents its penetration by the moistening waters of Creation (so much of North East Athens, once countryside when we were there last, buried under recent urban development!) and something has to be done to break up this imprisoning and sterile crust to liberate the creative earth and grey matter compressed beneath (an analogy indeed to our “civilisation-buried” inner-child-like spontaneous & creative psyches!). This breaking up of the (self-) repressive surface of an alienated “civilisation” could take the form either of an “earthquake-shock” of a crisis in our individual & collective lives (the very first deep-felt songs that came to me were grief-caused Blues) or a more aggressive verbal or other challenge to peoples’ unquestioned assumptions from an outside agency.

Only “chaos” (the inchoate or unformed) can be creative. As the ancient Greek scientist-philosopher Democritus (500 BC), who first announced the concept of the atomic particle, said - “When the form no longer fulfils the needs of its constituent elements, these disintegrate the form so as to create a form more perfect for their fulfilment”. Thus, one needs to break up the hard ground to allow the rains to penetrate & seed to be sown, even as Greek farmers plough the olive groves after harvest. It is not enough just to write or paint or whatever medium one uses and wait to be noticed by those who do not seem to heed - One has to be assertive and declare one’s creative power “At the top of one’s voice” as declared the poet of the Russian Revolution, Vladimir Mayakovsky and never to accept a negated and isolated back alley in the current social ghetto of the living Arts. Let our Phoenix be your forum in the agora (market place) of our many bustling polises!

“We, ourselves, are the new cultural renaissance that we desire!”

Alas, all around us we witness an accelerating death of traditional cultures, like the dying rural and fishing villages of Hellas, their ways of life abandoned by younger people for the slick materialism of urban living, British-American pop-music on Greek coaches where before we had heard the classical Greek music as of Theodorakis! But what is to replace that which is dying or dead? Will it be the homogenised globalised blandness of a mass-media “culture” that is the same wherever one travels? My friend back from Morocco tells me, sadly, that men no longer gather in cafes for coffee, smoking hookahs and conversation, but sit there, with their mobile phones, watching football on Televisions from a mushrooming mass of satellite dishes! So much for the romance of experiencing what were once different cultures! Or can what has died be replaced by the creative New Renaissance which our Phoenix strives to stimulate and encourage? The answer to that question lies with each of us, as we can all be, individually “evangelists” (pardon a word abused by religious fanatics!) of this dream of the Phoenix’s Rebirth by not just reading it ourselves, contented to have “been published”, but passing it on to others who may be interested, either electronically or otherwise courtesy of the photocopy machine, so as to compensate for the limitations of our meagre financial resources (for those who would seek to homogenise our minds have billions of £’s, $’s or Euros to finance their mass media, when we have only ourselves & each other & our creative powers!

Namaste! David Allen Stringer

www.universalalliance.org.uk .  "Phoenix New Life Poetry (David Alen Stringer) ."  Extramares.  Ed.  Cecilia Bustamante.  Austin: Editorial Poetas Antiimperialistas de América.  24 de Abril de 2006.
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