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Austin Poets. International Poetry Day - Thom Woodruff (worldpoet@rocketmail.com)
Thom Woodruff

Thom Woodruf -Poems


how you recognise the dance
is always between consenting partners
How you allow the very air to breathe
(having been imprisoned by others limits
is a privilege!
Now you emerge into the Light
as every wilde creature might
unsure of hunters guns and criticisms
aware of the delicate filigree spiderwebs
that are as tensile strong connexion
binding us by freedom and the love
that animates all impossible actions
There is a world within the world we know
another around,above-below
and what we see and say is only surfaces
shining in emergence.DANCE!

THOM MARCH 16,2006

Insurrectionist flowers burst out at irregular
Weeds proliferate,aware they are illegal
Air is Light with threaded birdsongs
Everything is trembling with green
Temperatures alone make outdoors culture
Melodies levitate prosaic lives
We are seasons set within cycles
cannot deny them even if we try
Green men and women Muse their meanings
deeper than earth with all her vagrant plots
Anarchy as close as heavy breathing
We have no choice in this
Smile now-earth blesses us with bliss!

THOM MARCH 16,2006

It has been retro-fitted
to cover up all bumps and scars and wounds
no one can see your smile is stitched on
(Frankenstein would be proud of you)
Your inner life is wanting
only to be acknowledged
Everyone is busy -this is IMPORTANT
(People all need SOMEONE to look up to)
and it is you the random spotlight has chosen
as yet another AMERICAN IDOL worth watching
just in case your wisdom will lead them
to a place that saves them time
so they do not need to use their minds
just passively consume your so white teeth
(You purr and put your shark suit on-
the one that makes you hunter and fisherman
a Hemingway among Flauberts-a saga among bloggers
Now you stride with meaured pride
into the room of broken lions
You snarl and snap,bite back
at any sign of disaffection
The crowds ROAR! They love you-MORE!
Thumbs UP! for the New Emperor
Thumbs down for Iraqis,Afghanis,Palestinians
What the world needs now
is a better Public Relations Agency
to cover up the massacres..
And you know just who can spin
those Golden Lions...

March 15

Wrapped in habits,eye was rapped
on my shell by a sharp peck o pain
which disturbed my comfort zone home
so eye had to go outside to find
what and who was knocking(so LOUD!
It was future me asking to be let in
Eye gave myself permission just to B
and soon eye was tapping on others'doors
o perception/reception just 2 B
is not enough-breath is contagious..
So when you hear something
wrapped in the skin of someone you know
a sigh-a sign -that change is gonna flow
it is best to expect nothing other
than total change/nothing will ever be the same
Now if eye can only find a way out
of this woodpecker /roadrunner birdsuit...

THOM MARCH 14,2006

It is important to let your shadows in-
to invite them in as critical appraisers of your
Perhaps they have some enlightening opinion
that will instantly improve your beaming
perhaps change for the better may take time
Let them in.Sit them down.Talk with them
"How can eye improve my emanations?"
"What techniques will allow me to offer more to
"Am eye only my limits?"
Once your mirror starts looking into you
You may scry another face-someone calm,content
(though not complacent).She may remind you
of your record of achievement-
how you add to the joy of others daily-
that all comparisons are odious-
that your essential qualities are unique
and no one has ever written your dreams
(no one knows your visions as you do)
You may then come back in to this moment
You seem the same.But someone has changed-
it is you(changing woman)-like the seasons
You let winter in-now it is time for Spring
And you are young,and green.and shooting with
You are the answer to your questions
Ask yourself-then answer...


Eye do not die,nor suffer-
no dramatic ironies or tragedies present themselves
There is no moral for edification
and some will accuse me of prose.No matter-
it is not the ending we are after(just this moment
in which eye confide in you waht you already know-
that we are made of stories (mostly forgotten/more
and the boldest of us will go silent as shadow
with only ripples resembling us emanating outwards
What is important is what we hear
each message made of smoke signals us
fires warm and burn in turn
wise and foolish,close and far
we heal and hurt by touch and touch denied
and this is why this story unfolds like carpet
rolls on the tongue like a prayer
What happens next will also be forgotten
what matters most is what we remember...

THOM FEB 22,2006

Eye am Palestinian-in this desert
eye plant strawberries and harvest flowers
When eye take them to market,you make borders-
to punish me.You wait until the fresh flesh is
My livelihood does not depend upon guns and bullets
You spill blood when you allow no economies to
You make a border in sand,and enforce it
We are rooted here,like olive trees(ancient
You make walls around us to divide us
We plant more strawberries,seed more flowers
Water that you steal from us becomes tears
for children still to come,who have no fear
and will demand their land -to plant peace
to seed living flowers,not bloodstained

THOM FEB 22,2006

Always involves pilgrimage-
Sacred stones,ritual,repetition,patterns emerge
spinning round one fire sun
never stopping,rarely silent-
always it begins-with a cry,a shout!
someone will invite others in-
to see,taste,touch-the "miraculous!"
They may come to an Inn-a Stable
Astrologers seeking star patterns
(a new word in an olde world)
Rocks will warm to this new Light
They will gather(rock hearts)
They will be thrown in loud crowds
They will bury bones in caves in shrouds
from which stones will roll upon Resurrection
As deserts wait to bloom again
with the spilled blood of pogroms
Another miracle!Death in a desert breeds religions
We are all deserts
We are all murderers of mysteries
That is why it begins in deserts
in unspoken hieroglyphs
Tombs/Temples/Rock hard corpses
Dug up to excite all prophecies
written down only afterwards...

THOM FEB 28,2006

before your focus on hocus pocus
the crocus blooms in season
following sun gods long before they were god
water princesses and earth maidens
we do not know what jesus said
just what was not lost in translation
same with socrates(that orating gadfly)
just a Platonic reportage version
underneath the headlines,we are
more than things-spaces define us
between the words="new" meanings
punctuation R us/life ends with a full stop
we are common as commas
exclaiming or declaiming
as if passion were enough
to stop the tanks and guns and bombs
denied in pretty sweet cake poesie
buttons and bows and silks and satins
prayer ,meditations,surrealism ,Matins
even the classicist still values Latin
as he becomes she in the power pecking
Da Vinci a code rather than a painting
illusion a brand name to sell fiction
and in this negation,we find ourselves
more than the words we are abusing
We are.it is enough.illusion can wait
for acolyte penitents and Buddhist stick figures
to laugh like a butterfly effect
sting like a killer bee
(even birds have the flu-
nothingness is not true...

THOM FEB 28,2006

Thom Woodruff .  "Austin Poets. International Poetry Day - Thom Woodruff (worldpoet@rocketmail.com)."  Extramares.  Ed.  Cecilia Bustamante.  Austin: Editorial Poetas Antiimperialistas de América.  20 de Marzo de 2006.
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