Texas - Cultural Planning, City of Austin: Cecilia Bustamante in panel.
por Municipality of Austin.

The Cultural Panning Process of the City of Austin.

What is the Advisory Group and how are the members identified?

The Advisory Group of the cultural planning process will be made up of 50-80 high-level community leaders from a variety of fields, including:

Cultural Sector

  • Non-profit and for-profit business leaders from the arts, culture and creative industries;
  • Individual artists and art workers.

Private and Public Sectors

  • Corporate leaders, representatives of foundations and other important cultural funding agencies;
  • Educators at all levels;
  • Representatives from chambers of commerce, the hospitality and tourism industries, downtown and economic development interests;
  • Community and neighborhood representatives;
  • City staff.

The Advisory Group will reflect the ethnic, racial, geographic, and economic diversity of Austin. There will also be an Executive Committee of 8-12 individuals drawn from the Advisory Group with the same range and diversity as the larger body it is drawn from.

The primary responsibility of the Advisory Group is to review materials, provide guidance to the staff and consultants, absorb community input and assist in formulating an actionable plan and help with the stewardship and implementation of the Plan.  

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