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Poesía : English
Poetry Magazine
Delirious interpretations of the rose,
grow in a text. A song of virtues,
a song of vices. Centaure Phallique
shines against black.
His arrow spelling polymorphic dances.

Melting lacquer in the wind,
spirits of the paper, the breasts of mountains -
calling, yearning for the sea.
Life Death is in human nature,
all the rivers empty in la mar.

14 de Septiembre de 2006, 08:47

Poesía : English
Academy of American Poets - Bulletin, August 2006.
Classic poems just added to Poets.org: two ballades by François Villon , and from Robert Hayden , "Those Winter Sundays," a restrained lyric evoking the unspoken love between a stern, silent father and his ungrateful son, and the inventive dramatic monologue "[American Journal]," in which an extraterrestrial reports on his observations among the Americans
5 de Agosto de 2006, 17:02

Poesía : English
Cesar Vallejo Black Stone Lying On A White Stone, My brother Miguel (Translations: Robert Bly)
César Vallejo is dead. Everyone beat him
although he never does anything to them;
they beat him hard with a stick and hard also

with a rope. These are the witnesses:
the Thursdays, and the bones of my arms,
the solitude, and the rain, and the roads. . .

23 de Junio de 2006, 15:52

Poesía : English
Austin Poets - Lance Williams
& when trembling
he touches her
as if falling
in a river

of blue stone
veined in

10 de Junio de 2006, 12:53

Poesía : English
Phoenix New Life Poetry (David Alen Stringer)
the voice ofPhoenix Poets, an international co-operative friendship network of artists and writers worldwide, rather than a commercial literary journal and is open to all contributors. Co-founding poets: David Allen Stringer & Dr. Emmanuel Petrakis,Members of the “Planetary Council” of “TheUniversal Alliance” (“Phoenix New Life Poetry” is a project of “The Universal Alliance”)

24 de Abril de 2006, 20:35

Poesía : English
Poems. Selected from 'Mother Blood" (by Rolando Sifuentes, Cecilia Bustamante)
Selected Free Verse Poems by Peruvian-American Poet Cecilia Bustamante.
She is a National Prize Award Poet in Her Native Country: Perú.

1 de Abril de 2006, 18:33

Poesía : English
Literature - Poems by Peruvian-American Poet Cecilia Bustamante.
Cecilia Bustamante is a Peruvian-American writer, journalist and teacher.Her poetry has appeared in book form, ink and paper magazines and lately on e-zines - in English as well as in Spanish throughout the world. She has been a visiting professor at the University of Texas at Austin. At present she is retired writing her memoirs.Here we present five pieces from her book Mother Blood. In these mature poems, rich in evocative images that fills our senses, she expresses some of her nostalgia as often happens with people living far away from their homeland.
26 de Marzo de 2006, 14:27

Poesía : English
Austin Poets. International Poetry Day - Thom Woodruff (worldpoet@rocketmail.com)
Wrapped in habits,eye was rapped
on my shell by a sharp peck o pain
which disturbed my comfort zone home
so eye had to go outside to find
what and who was knocking(so LOUD!
It was future me asking to be let in
Eye gave myself permission just to B
and soon eye was tapping on others'doors
o perception/reception just 2 B
is not enough-breath is contagious..

20 de Marzo de 2006, 23:32

Poesía : English
Austin Poets - Ric Williams
...& she folded in the fields
the islands of snow
sleeping clouds

& when she imagines
the winter trees

what matters
is always

20 de Marzo de 2006, 18:30

Poesía : English
Austin Poets: ric@austinchronicle.com
& all he saw was a vague intimation
her head hanging down
as if bathed in some
thin honey light
perhaps a train
station at night
the platform
whitish like
a ledge of
& there was
a chill in the air

9 de Febrero de 2006, 00:48

Lima - Feria del Libro 2006: Homenaje a Cecilia Bustamante (x Diana Miloslavich)
Articulos - La Conciencia socio-politica de las minorias (Cecilia Bustamante) (Red Voltaire) )
Armamento - Armas para America Latina (Cecilia Bustamante,AIS)
Poetry Magazine
Santa Rosa de Lima, coplas (Cecilia Bustamante)
Academy of American Poets - Bulletin, August 2006.
Para comprender la explotación contemporánea (x John Cameron)
«Eichmann en Jerusalén. Un estudio sobre la banalidad del mal». x Hannah Arendt
El poder y corrupción en el Perú (x Ivan Salas Rodriguez)
Madrugada del 6 de enero (x C. Bustamante)
Cerca de la frontera. Vignette (x Cecilia Bustamante)
El que vagaba solo. Una estampa. (x Cecilia Bustamante)
La Escalada Nuclear -2005/2006 - Referencias (I) (x Cecilia Bustamante)
Univ. San Martin de Porres rescata en numero monografico, obra de Cecilia Bustamante
Corazones nobles olvidados? Organizacion de los Trabajadores: Flora Tristán: L'Union Ouvriere, Paris, 1843 (Cecilia Bustamante)
México - Carmen de la Fuente a Cecilia Bustamante
Vargas Llosa: una vela a Dios y otra al Diablo, juego resbaloso del escribidor. Respuesta de Cecilia Bustamante
Cecilia Bustamante, Poesía que nace y germina en el Arte (x Rodolfo Hinostroza)
Actividades: Proyectos Realizadas para Peru (Cecilia Bustamante,Carol Fox, Ma. Teresa Rutledge, Rose A. Sheen))
Texas - Cultural Planning, City of Austin: Cecilia Bustamante in panel.
Buzon de lectores - (Mexico)
Epistolario a Fidel (Pablo Mora)
Siempre quise caminar hacia el horizonte (Walter Saavedra)
Memorias - frag. 2001 (x Cecilia Bustamante)
Biografía- Memorias (Lima) x Cecilia Bustamante
Memorias, Lima - frag.. (Cecilia Bustamante)